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Nel labirinto dell’estrema destra italiana. Fonti, metodi e percorsi di ricerca storica

Martedì 28 maggio 2024, alle ore 15:00, presso l’Aula Goldoniana del Collegio Ghislieri di Pavia, si terrà la tavola rotonda “Nel labirinto dell’estrema destra italiana. Fonti, metodi e percorsi di ricerca storica”.

L’evento rientra nel ciclo “Prospettive di diritto e di necessità” e tra le iniziative per il centenario della Scuola di scienze politiche dell’Università di Pavia ed è organizzato dal Corso di Dottorato in Storia.

A Precarious Balance: San Precario’s Legacy and the Fight Against Fleeting Job Security

The transformations in the Italian labor market over the final decades of the 20th century were driven by a complex mix of economic, technological, and political factors. The advent of globalization and rapid technological progress have undermined the foundations of the traditional Fordist work model, characterized by stable jobs and a clear distinction between working time and leisure time. From the ’90s, deregulation initiatives in the labor market, motivated by the desire to increase the competitiveness of Italian companies on a global level, introduced elements of work flexibility. While initially designed to reduce unemployment and facilitate labor market entry for youth and women, these measures over time significantly eroded worker guarantees, exacerbating precarity.
The origins of San Precario date back to February 29, 2004, a leap date that embodies uncertainty and unpredictability, just like the condition of temporary workers. His first “appearance” at a Coop supermarket in the northern area of Milan inaugurated a significant chapter, marking the beginning of a movement that would lead San Precario to become a symbol of the fight against work precarity not only in Italy but also in Europe.

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