Verschlagwortet: Digitalität

Zur Geschichte des digitalen Zeitalters [Book Review]

The book “Zur Geschichte des digitalen Zeitalters” examines the history of the digital age from an interdisciplinary perspective, shedding light on the complex relationship between technology, society, and culture. The authors argue that digital technologies are not just tools for communication, but also tools for shaping the future and negotiating social change. The book examines the discourse on the digital age and its breaks, periodizations, and projections, and historicizes the fluid differences between experience and expectation. It highlights the ways in which digital technologies are active agents in shaping social change and the ways in which the discourse and imagination surrounding technology can shape its development and impact. It also examines the impact of digital technologies on work and labor, providing insights into the ways in which digital technologies have transformed the economy and the nature of work.

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