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The power of Disneyfication: a sociological analysis of the Disney phenomenon.

#Remarks and Review of: Dario Bonifacio, La disneyficazione. Dimensioni e registri di un linguaggio universale, Mimesis, Milano 2022#

Disneyfication is a term used to describe the cultural and social impact of the Disney company and its philosophy. Generally, Disneyfication refers to the process of adapting and transforming places, cultures, and traditions in order to make them more appealing and commercially attractive, often at the expense of their authenticity and original characteristics. Additionally, Disneyfication can also refer to the influence of the values and ideal image represented by Disney products and characters on the collective imagination and society as a whole.

The author investigates the reasons and structure of this phenomenon, highlighting the entire ideological apparatus that supports the company and its cultural impact.

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